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The Australia International Student Management Center is responsible for services and programmes that help international students in Australia access quality and affordable school education, post-school, higher education, international education and academic research.

The purpose of AISMC is to:

  • Advocate for the interests and needs of international students;
  • Advocate for high quality education for international students;
  • Facilitate network building among stakeholders with an interest in supporting international students;
  • Host an annual national forum for international students;
  • Provide a means of consulting and engaging with international students;
  • Host future international student roundtable events in partnership with various government entities;
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and interactions in Australia;
  • Advocate for non-racist, non-discriminatory law reform concerning international students.

Contact us:bd@aismcenter.cn
Address£º15 Barleycorn Steet Point cook VIC 3030, Australia
Tel:(03) 7379 7151